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About Foxy Roxy vinyard and wineWashington State is a premium wine producing region. Though young, it is fast becoming the nation's second largest wine producer and one of the world's favorite wine regions. You can find Washington wines anywhere - from your local grocery store to restaurants anywhere in the world.

Agriculture is a big industry in Washington and grapes are it's fourth largest fruit crop. Presently there are 30 wine grape varieties, Washington continues to add new varieties as acreages increase.



About Our Region

Foxy Roxy Winery is located on the Royal Slope, on Highway 26 halfway between Royal City and Othello, Washington. The Royal Slope is known for it's early, warm spring, long hot summer and cool autumn evenings, perfect for flavor development and balance in the wines.

The Columbia Valley is Washington State's largest AVA (American Viticultural  Area) with nearly 16,600 vineyard acres. The region's northerly latitude allows for an average of 17.4 daily sunlight hours helping to create richly flavored, well-balanced wines. The Royal Slope's first frost arrives, on average, the 26th of October. The area enjoys an average annual air temperature of about 50 degrees F, and about 195 frost-free days a year.

Take advantage of these superb growing conditions, coupled with quality, small-scale management, by contacting Foxy Roxy Winery today at (509) 989-0760 or visit the tasting room at 3744 Highway 26 E, Othello.