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  • Food Pairing - When pairing food with wine it is important to think about the act itself - what makes a pair? Sometimes opposites attract, but not always with wine and cuisine. You can surprise yourself by mixing it up, but the most important base to pair with is always FLAVOR. It's important to remember to always match similar flavors and textures and make sure the intensity of the wine contributes to the flavor of the dish.

  • Wine Tips - 11 of the most asked questions about wine from the Tasting Column by John Brecher and Dorothy Gaiter

  • Party Planning - The most memorable events are not the extravagant affairs with grand cru wines and caviar canapés. Nor are they the parties with all the right people in chi-chi black outfits. Rather, they are the get-togethers where the host had invested thought into small touches for our pleasure. If you're hosting a party or event, here are some entertaming tips that will help make your guests feel pampered and keep you engaged with your guests. From The Epicentre Wine & Drink website.

  • Pairing Recipes with Wine - Find delicious recipes that match wine for a special occasion or that special person.

Some Great Links:

Wine Spectator - A great glossary of wine terms from A - Z

Washington State Wine Commission - Everything about Washington wines and more...

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Washington state wine and grape growers

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